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Product code : 33-3000


Vita•Lymph pressotherapy care is the ideal choice since it applies to a wide customer base. It is even more interesting since it offers all the advantages of manual lymphatic drainage and more. Vita•Lymph technology is precise, easy to use, offers many possibilities, requires no effort or constant monitoring, and requires less application time.
In essence, this is a high-performance system!

Not homologated for sale in Canada.


Vita•Lymph allows you to offer ultra effective pressotherapy care adapted to every customer. Thanks to its 16 air outlets working in pairs, it exerts pressure in more than one location at a time, from the abdomen to the soles of the feet, which manual drainage cannot provide. Sessions are relaxing, and the pressure felt gives a sensation similar to a massage.

To effectively care for every customer, you can choose one of 9 preset programs, each one targeting a specific imperfection. For even more customized care, you can create your own program by varying pressure values, treatment duration, and the time the pressure is maintained.

Also, Vita•Lymph allows you to combine up to 4 programs in the same session, which optimizes the treatment and improves its efficiency. You can, for instance, start with opening the lymph nodes, continue with a downward push from the abdomen to the soles of the feet, and finish with an upward push.


With the Vita•Lymph preset modes and safety system, you don’t have to devote yourself entirely to the treatment, you can go do something else while the customer enjoys a moment of relaxation, or you can provide a complementary service such as a manicure or a facial. Your customers with busy schedules will appreciate the ability to get two treatments simultaneously. There’s an easy way to make your Vita•Lymph profitable and increase the loyalty of your customers.

9 Customized programs
Adjustable settings: treatment duration, pressure, and the time the pressure is maintained
Multiple program alternating between 4 different treatments
Pressure: 1 to 20 kPa
16 Independent pressure chambers
Safety program
Even pressure in each chamber
Ability to activate more than one chamber at a time
Can treat 4 areas simultaneously
Auto. deflation at the end of the cycle
Legging system in 3 sections to adapt to any morphology

Electronic Circuit
Pause/Stop button to interrupt treatment at any time
Nominal voltage: 230V
Nominal frequency: 50 Hz
Nominal Power: 220VA

Easy to use, handle and maintain
Advanced design
Large backlit screen

1 MonoJet applicator nozzle
1 pkg of 50 disposable nozzle caps:
- Small
- Medium
- Large 
1 round footswitch
4 Inhalo-Oxygen Therapy masks 
1 Inhalo-Oxygen Therapy headset 
1 VitaPhase LT O2 device
1 Nebulizer 
1 Micro-Oxygen Therapy 
1 Accessories/VitaPhase support 
2 Air filters
1 Vital•O2 Lux user’s manual
1 Vital•O2 Lux training manual
1 Action de Gala technical guide
1 Warranty card
1 Power cord 
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