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Product Code:01-4100

Ultimate Microcurrent Facial System

The VitaLift is the result of intense scientific research and extensive consultations with aesthetic professionals and physiotherapists who are experts in their field. The VitaLift’s microcurrent circuitry, controlled by advanced and unique technology, ensures impressive results from any facial electrolifting treatment. By sending a specific microcurrent, the VitaLift initiates an efficient stimulation. This process firms the skin in order to produce a healthy and invigorating effect on the treated area.

Facial Lifting
The VitaLift mode offers you four treatment options designed to give the face a smooth and youthful aspect.
Facial Drainage
- Revitalizes the skin
- Favours toxin elimination
- Clears up the complexion and minimizes the appearance dark circles under the eyes

Automatic Stimulation 
(Self-Adhesive Electrodes)

- Firms the skin
- Yields a lifting effect and reduces the appearance of wrinkles
- Remodels facial contour

Specific Stimulation
(Hand-Held Electrodes)

- Stimulates specific areas of the face (eyes, lips, chin, etc.) to meet the needs of each client

Personalized Stimulation
- Designed to create and program advanced stimulation treatments in automatic or specific mode

The VitaLize mode will allow you to offer specific ionophoresis treatments (ionization/deep cleansing) for the face. While deep-cleansing emulsifies excess sebum on the skin surface for in-depth cutaneous cleansing, ionization enhances the absorption of skin products in the epidermis. A great addition to all your beauty sessions!
 VITAPHASE   Optional 

VitaLift facial electrolifiting treatments may also be combined with the VitaPhase dermaphasic devices. This unique option allows you to offer active ionomassage, stimulomassage, light therapy and infratherapy treatments, in order to obtain even better results! Brilliant, isn’t it?


9 carefully-designed treatment programs
Electronic Circuit
Microprocessor-controlled digital device

Alphanumeric multilingual display
Modern and practical design

100 cotton swab tips
1 rubberized plate electrode
1 sponge-like cover (“spontex”) for plate electrode
2 cords for electrodes (1 red and 1 black)
1 power cord
2 multi-electrode handpiece
5 electrodes and 12 sponges
1 holder for electrodes
30 single-use self-adhesive facial electrodes
50 single-use self-adhesive replacement rings for facial electrodes
2 DB9 cabling systems (right and left) for electrodes
8 pairs of grey cords with red and black tips for facial electrodes
1 facial electrode organizer
1 VitaLift user’s manual
1 VitaLift training manual

31,75 cm (12 in) x 26,7 cm (10,5 in) x 18,4 cm (7,25 in)


3,5 kg (6,6 lb)
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