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Apilus Senior 3G
  • Apilus Senior 3G
  • FREE! 2 Vitaphase devices of your choice (Ionomassage, Stimulomassage or Luminotherapy-Total value of $570) with the purchase of the Apilus Senior 3G.

    13.56 MHz electrolysis unit offering 100% permanent hair removal. The complete electrolysis solution. 25% more powerful than the Junior 3G. Quickness and comfort.

  • Apilus
  • Code : 01-0123
1 roll of paper | Stiff
1 roll of paper | Thin
Astra I
  • Astra I
  • Practical, efficient and sturdy.
    Made in Canada.

  • Galaxium
  • Code : 10-1101
Astra Spa
Daily Eye Patch 6 pairs
Dead Skin Remover
Delicate Lotion Refreshing
Delicate Milk-Cream Cleansing
Energy Lotion Refreshing
Energy Milk-Cream Cleansing
Eternity HF
  • Eternity HF
  • High-frequency unit to perform various types of treatments.
  • Gala
  • Code : 30-900
Exfo Mask Exfoliating
Exfo Scrub Microgel
Exfo Scrub Sugar
Foot Scrub with Sea Salt
Gauze Sponges 4-ply
Gentle Cream Equilibrium
Gentle Cream-Mask Eye Contour
  • Gloves
  • Examination gloves ambidextrous
  • Code : 35-02751
Herbal Foot Bath