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Product Code: 35-0732

Ultrasonic Bath Cleaning & Presoak Instruments Concentrate prior to Sterilization


 Enzyme Cleaner

Use as pre-soak to remove dried blood, saliva, body fluids and debris. Responsible to the Environment, BioSON contains biodegradable surfactants and complies with all sewer regulations. BioSON contains NO quats, phenols or aldehydes. BioSON does not contain recently noted hormone disrupting surfactants based on Nonyl-phenyl Ethoxylates.


Effective for up to 5 days.

Will not corrode metals, even when carbide, stainless steel or aluminum instruments are mixed. Non-Staining.

Staff friendly
Protects staff from ultrasonic bath generated aerosols of toxic chemicals. Gloves and Mask are not necessary when handling BioSON as it is kind to skin. Protects staff from Cross-Contamination when handling soiled instruments prior to sterilization.

1:40 Dilution liquid mixes instantly.

Citrus scent