Bacti28 Plus
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Bacti28 Plus

Product Code: 35-0614

Activated glutaraldehyde-based solution (2%) designed to disinfect and sterilize instruments by immersion (cold sterilization). No dilution necessary. Ready to use. Non-corrosive for instruments. Once the solution has been poured from original container, it is reusable for up to 28 days. 4L (1gal.)

Use: for professional use only. Prior to disinfection or sterilization, thoroughly clean and rinse instruments. Bring the contaminated liquid to your local depocenter.

High level disinfection:
immerse instruĀ­ments in this solution for 40 minutes at 25oC to destroy pathogenic microorganisms, mycobacterium tuberculosis, but not spores. Rinse with sterile water after removal.

this solution is a sterilant when used for a maximum of 28 days at 20to 25oC with an immersion time of maximum 10 hours. To cold sterilize, completely immerse objects to destroy micro-organisms and desiccated spores for 10 hours. After removal from this solution, rinse thoroughly with sterile water, dry and store away. Use this solution in a covered container to avoid evaporation.

*Stocks in the 4-liter (1 gallon) format may vary. Contact us for availability.