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«I totally enjoyed the Electrolysis Symposium held by Dectro International. The research and development of this company is impressive, informative and fascinating. Thank you Dectro!»
«I do believe your company is the Microsoft and Apple of the aesthetics world. On behalf of all electrologists, who are visionary enough to use your 27MHz epilators and for all the ones yet to come on board, thank you for your enthusiasm and your hard work to make electrolysis much better for consumers, worldwide.»
«We have now got an Apilus Platinum Pure, a hi-tech, high speed & very comfortable electrolysis system.Our clients have been very pleasantly surprised at how little sensation there is. Seriously you really would never know that you are having needle electrolysis! Amazingly good results! We love it!»
«I use an Apilus electrolysis device since 2002. Even during my training, which was given in a very professional manner and in a friendly atmosphere, I realized that the device was very easy to use. Apilus is a source of great satisfaction and it is very profitable. The purchase of an Apilus permanent hair removal system was therefore a good investment.»
«I have had three Apilus electrolysis machines, a VitaPeel microdermabrasion unitand a Vital•O2 oxygen therapy system. I am particularly satisfied with the VitaPeel. It’s an excellent combination with the other treatments I offer. The effects are immediate and long-lasting. Three days before an event or a wedding, my clients ask me for a VitaPeel microdermabrasion treatment, which I combine with active products, and they are very happy with the results. As for the Vital•O2, I use it for wrinkles, fine lines and problem skin. I have been working with Dectro electrolysis devicesand aesthetic equipment for many years, and since the very start, my clients and I have been very satisfied with the results.»
«The VitaPeel Ion microdermabrasion system and the Vital•O2 oxygen therapy system introduced in my salon in 2005, have brought me added credibility in the mind of my clients. The training I received when I purchased the VitaPeel Ion has enabled me to fully understand the cell reproduction process and I can now explain it to my clients. Furthermore, the treatments I can offer with the VitaPeel Ion and the Vital•O2 are really innovative. Speaking for myself, investing in this type of equipment has allowed me to attract a new clientele, increase my income considerably and continue to evolve in an ever-changing field. Thank you for the constant support, both in terms of after-sales service on the equipment and also from my Dectro representative who helps me in so many ways.»
«My relationship with Dectro International began when I reoriented my career. As a former dietician, I am a woman who seeks quality in every aspect. Dectro International trained me to become an aesthetician and advised me when I opened my first aesthetics salon. During my first product inventory, when I purchased equipment, when I followed advanced training courses, Dectro was there every step of the way to support me and encourage me with professionalism and passion. Each time I acquired new equipment or products, its staff gave me friendly and helpful advice, which is why today, I am still with Dectro and feel good about the service I receive from its devoted employees, who are concerned about my needs and those of my clients.»
«Many different ingredients are essential in the recipe for success. Proper training, numerous work hours, professional attitude at all times, and our main work tool: our products! When I opened my salon, I was filled with good intentions and enthusiasm, but also with lots of insecurity! So many things to do, decisions to take… One of the major decisions I took at the time and which has been one of the keys to my success was to choose the Dectro team! What a sensational team! What would I have done without their training, advice, recommendations, professionalism and kindness? What would I have done without the performance of their products? My appointment book probably wouldn’t be nearly as filled as it is now! And isn’t that the main objective we all seek? After all these years, I am taking a few minutes to thank the entire Dectro team for their know-how and the effectiveness of their products. Your cooperation is precious, and your contribution is critical to our success as aestheticians. Thank you!»
«Because of the new technology and all the advancements made to the Apilus Platinum 27 MHz electrolysis machine, I am able to provide to my clients much more comfort and faster results. Since they are more comfortable I am able to work longer and accomplish more clearing each session. Since I have introduced the Apilus Platinum machine, all my clients who have been with me have thanked me profusely for spending the money and giving them a much more pleasant and effective experience. They are even contemplating starting new areas that they never would have attempted before. I feel a lot better about performing electrolysis now because I know I’m not hurting anyone. I have always loved doing electrolysis for the past years, and I always knew that my skill and light touch made people as comfortable as possible given the tools I had to work with. When I first purchased the Apilus SM-500, it was the top of the line for the available technology at the time. I now marvel at how the research Dectro put into the Apilus Platinum permanent hair removal machine paid off, because my clients are so grateful for the added comfort and quicker result. I even had one client ask me if I was sure the machine was turned on because she felt nothing! I am thrilled that I invested in this electrolysis machine, and for as long as I am in the business I will continue to invest for the betterment of my services to my clients. My clients and I thank you.»
«I work with an Apilus electrolysis machine since 2002. Thanks to the treatments I can provide with this device, the number of clients at my institute has considerably increased.»
«I grew up in a small town where all the best spas were established. When I worked in France, my treatments were more focused on relaxation. When I arrived in Beverly Hills, I had to attend many advanced classes and get the best high-tech equipment, because in Beverly Hills, you’ve got to be the best. People here are really loyal and are willing to pay but if you make one small mistake, they are quick to turn their backs and likely to never come back. Women today don’t want to age so it’s the aesthetician’s role to teach them how to take care of their skin. I fell in love with the Vital•02 oxygen therapy system because it helps to repair the DNA of skin cells. I combine this treatment with the VitaPeel microdermabrasion system and my clients just feel like they have new skin. All the aesthetic equipment I bought from Dectro is the best for anti-ageing treatments; each device stimulates collagen and works on wrinkles and fine lines. I offer a treatment that combines VitaPeel microdermabrasion, Vital•O2 oxygen injection and Vitaderm microcurrent: it’s a must! I knew that if I wanted to practice in Beverly Hills and work with the rich and famous, I had to invest in sophisticated aesthetic equipment. I do not believe that applying layers of products on someone’s face is effective enough to fight wrinkles. I believe that when you do something, you should do it thoroughly.»