AOX system Bionic
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AOX system Bionic

Product Code: 37-372005

The latest generation of AHA, safer, multi-functional and with a greater exfoliating, anti-oxidant and moisturizing effect. Specifically designed for the care of photoaging skin, as it prevents and reverses photoaging.
60 ml

Exfoliating: high exfoliating power, reduces the cohesion of corneocytes and normalizes the keratinization process for a reduced and supple corneal layer.

Anti-oxidant: powerful anti-oxidant activity, inhibiting the production of free radicals. Prevents the degradation of the extra-cellular matrix and maintains the integrity of the dermal structure

Moisturizer: highly hygroscopic compound that traps, absorbs and retains water. Reinforces the skin's barrier function.

Protective: cares for and protects the skin by stimulating epidermal regeneration, improving the quality of collagen and elastin fibers while promoting healing.