Online Streaming | Electrolysis Symposium Conferences 2011 | English
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Online Streaming | Electrolysis Symposium Conferences 2011 | English

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Set of 6 Symposiums Modern Electrolysis Symposium
2011 - In English

Online streaming of conferences on modern electrolysis techniques.
These educational conferences are for electrologists who would like to expand their knowledge by learning how to successfully integrate modern Electrolysis procedures into their practice and how to diversify their application by introducing new modalities. Specially designed conferences given by highly experienced speakers will provide profesionnal electrologists vital and interesting information about the ever evolving hair removal field. 

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The latest developments in modern Electrolysis modalities enable superior permanent hair removal result with maximum comfort. This lecture will present an array of solutionsavailable today for the treatment of different hair types, skin conditions and difficult cases by selecting the right modality while striving to reach definitive hair removal. You will learn about radiofrequency technologies of 13.56 and 27MHz combined with specific applications techniques to selectively destroy stem cells responsible for hair regrowth allowing you to offer enhanced permanent hair removal treatments for your clients. Why be satisfied with a little… when it’s possible to have better results!
Speaker: Johanne Fortier, CPE, LE, National Training Director
Probe selection is an important factor when treating different types of hairs. This lecture will offer an in-depth study of the relationship between probe types and the electro-coagulation reaction seen with Thermolysis (radiofrequency current) and the Blend (galvanic & alternating currents) techniques. Witness firsthand the coagulation action in egg white with some of the new modalities used today to target the follicle papilla and bulge areas. With the use of a thermo graphic camera, you will observe the heat propagation patterns around the probe and how much temperature is generated with the Thermolysis technique using different probes. Overall this presentation will emphasize how to select the right probe size and adapt your insertion techniques to better target stem cells responsible for hair growth while preventing skin reaction after treatment.
Speaker: Raymonde Piquette, International Trainer at Académie Dectro
As we strive to offer the best electrolysis treatment to our clientele, positioning becomes an important factor for electrologists and patients to ensure easy and comfortable access to all body and face areas. Because of the limitation of IPL and Laser when it comes to face epilation, Electroepilation becomes the best option for clients to shape their eyebrows or work on face areas. A good understanding of your client facial structure is an important factor to consider when performing eyebrow shaping. Specialised electrolysis furniture helps electrologists reach all area to be treated and facilitating proper insertions, even in difficult position. This presentation will discuss different face and body positions for you and your client and will cover contraindications and precautions during treatment. Finally you will gain a broader knowledge for the treatment of intimate areas with proposed techniques to treat these sensitive areas all the while attaining quick, permanent result.
Speakers: Louise Levesque, Director of Académie Dectro Montreal, International Trainer & Johanne Fortier, CPE, LE, National Training Director
This lecture will address the Thermocoagulation Techniques used for the treatment of superficial skin imperfections. During this presentation you will receive an overview of skin anomalies related to the circulatory system known as telangiectasia, spider veins, points of ruby, Campbell spot along with skin disorders like skin tags, aged spots and pigment spots. Aside from the purpose of Thermocoagulation procedures, the identification of skin anomalies and their possible contraindications and precautions during treatment are important matters for any electrologist. A professional consultation with post-treatment recommendations and home care are important steps to prevent superficial skin reactions. Electrologists will understand how this new service may help them diversify their practice, attract new clientele and increase their income.
Speaker: Raymonde Piquette, International Trainer at Académie Dectro 
Useful Permanent Hair Removal marketing strategies are important tools to have to improve your business and obtain referrals from your existing client base. Introducing your own web page, placing advertisement in a local newspaper, linking your webpage to an Association or supplier websites are important marketing options. The use of specific software developed for Electrologist may become an indispensible tool to specifically target your clients. Things such as mailing a postcard for birthdays and holidays or offering promotions specific to their purchase habits even internet advertizing programs based on their appointment schedules. You will learn how to hold a successful open house by inviting new clients and how to get free media publicity to promote your practice.
Speaker: Dario Zujo, MBA, International Business Development at Dectro International
This lecture will discuss the importance of the initial consultation with your client to determine the best treatment plan. This presentation will discuss the health history form in depth, including any additional information concerning previous hair removal procedures. We will cover contraindications and precautions to address during treatment. And finally, how to determine the appointment schedule according to the client hair characteristic and the growth stage of the hair.
Speakers: Johanne Fortier, CPE, LE, National Training Director & Louise Levesque, Director of Académie Dectro Montreal, International Trainer