Brow kit | Powder & wax
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Brow kit | Powder & wax

Product Code:38-0136

The ultimate kit with EYEBROW POWDER and WAX forvariable brow styling! Eyebrows can be shaped any way you like from natural to dramatic.

1) For a natural look apply EYEBROW POWDER using the slanted brow brush. Fill in any possible gaps. Then shape and softly blend the eyebrows.

2) Apply WAX with the brow brush, shape and fix the eyebrows – the naturally stunning glow wow look is ready!

3) First apply the EYEBROW POWDER as described at the beginning, then fix with the WAX. This gives the brows an intense, dramatic look.

4) EYEBROW POWDER with the WAX* and thicken, shape and brush them until ultra glossy.

Brush some brow powder on the back of your hand with the brush,then add some wax and blend well. Through the warmth of the hand the wax gets even smoother and the mixture is easy to apply.

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