Exfoliating Clarifying Milk
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Exfoliating Clarifying Milk

Product Code: 37-570069

Timexpert Exfoliating Milk is an excellent cleansing milk for everyday use, for dull skin and skin with dark spots. It is formulated with a 7% concentrattion of Glycolic Acid, encapsulated in cyclodextrins which gradually release the glycolic acid to facilitate an exfoliation while minimizing the possibility of irritation. It eliminates dark spots, fine lines and reduces imperfections. 
200 ml


 Apply morning and evening to the face, neck and decolletage.  Massage to emulsify oil and make-up.  Remove with tissues or cotton pads until all traces are removed, (never with water).  
There should not be any grey residue left on the tissues or cotton pads.  Apply toner/lotion with "fingertips" application and small touches until absorbed. (DO NOT USE TONER WITH COTTON PADS).

Shea Butter, Cyclodextrin, Glycolic Acid (7%, pH4), Grape Seed Oil, Oil of macadam nuts, sunflower seed oil, rosemary oil.

*Province of Quebec only.