Gel Eyeliner
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Gel Eyeliner

Product Code:38-1040

For those self-confident individualists with their own ideas – in short for women of every age – eyeliner is THE make-up product for best changing the look of the face, interpreting a style, bringing out personality or conveying a message. Anything is possible – from a delicate and natural “no make-up” look to colorful, wild and simply incomparable make-up artistry. Celebrate the whole spectrum of your style and moods with the new STAGECOLOR GEL EYELINER – and discover new sides to your personality in the process.
  • Is ultra-pigmented for especially intensive results
  • Dries quickly, lasts for hours and does not smudge
  • Does not give off color, making it ideal for drooping lids
  • Has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply, control and flawlessly blend
  • Can be used to create any look – from natural to trendy to wild
  • Is suited for use by anyone – from beginners to professionals
  • Can optimize and camouflage unevenly shaped eyes
  • Can also serve as the perfect all-in-one eye make-up

Dip the brush into the jar to pick up a little color. Start at the outer corners of your eyes. Your brush will have the most color on it in the beginning, so this will automatically make the liner a little thick at the outer corners of the eyes. Draw the line to the inner corner of the eye in one movement or lift the brush and begin the line again several times. To make corrections or achieve a “swallowtail” look, dip your brush into the jar again to gather a little new color. For a soft finish or for smoky eyes, always smudge or blend GEL EYELINER with the brush or with your fingertips immediately after applying. In order to prevent skin from shining through between the edge of the lashes and the eyeliner, use the brush to dab a little GEL EYELINER between the lashes.

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