Stretchmark Prevention - Firming Cream
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Stretchmark Prevention - Firming Cream

Product Code: 37-911765

The firming and hydrating body cream SM & FIRMING POWER helps prevent the formation of stretch marks during periods of sudden volume changes.


Modulates the action of enzymes that attack the structure of the connective tissue of the dermis. Schizandra sphenanthera berry extract with lupeol.


Works on the fibres that give firmness to the skin, providing great toning power. Plankton extract. Stimulates the biosynthesis of high-quality collagen, achieving firmer, more supple and denser skin. Improves the mechanical properties of the skin. Lupeol (White lupin seed extract).


Restores the skin’s natural capacity for surface renewal by facilitating the penetration of ingredients (peeling effect). Opuntia ficus indica flower extract. Leaves a an imperceptible film on the skin’s surface that provides long-lasting intense hydration (for up to 8 hours). Combination of plant waxes and jojoba esters.